Thursday, May 30, 2013

Controlling Greens-Painting Dynamic and Believable Foliage in Watercolor with Ken Spiering

Ken Spiering
Does the foliage in your watercolors look somewhat anemic, transparent, have colors that are too “chemical” and/or lack credible volume?  Discover creating natural, vibrant greens, and vivid colors on your paper that have the intensity of the plants and their environment that you are seeing.

This workshop will be held at Spiering’s studio at 12117 S. Weger Rd., Valleyford, WA on seven acres amidst the rolling hills of Palouse farmland.  There are an infinite number of types of foliage, from the intimate look at single plants to individual bushes, trees of all varieties, both wild and pruned, groupings of trees, and grasses seen up close and from afar that will be subject matter to focus our discussions and work upon. If you have good experience in watercolor, perhaps some antiquated machinery including 1900’s farm equipment, combines and tractors sitting among the weeds will be the additional challenge you would enjoy painting.  Some watercolor experience is necessary.

Friday, June 21-6:30 to 9:30 we will discuss how to look at foliage making it understandable and I’ll demonstrate painting several different varieties of plants.  Masking, scratching through, painting negative spaces within negative spaces and other special techniques to achieve bold and believable results will be part of the demonstration.  You will also receive a handout on drawing foliage. Bring watercolors, brushes and needed supplies, including at least one full sheet of w/c paper (Arches 140 lb. cold-press or similar quality upon which masking frisket [fluid] can be easily removed), water container and other supplies in your arsenal.  We’ll also staple half sheets to boards provided to prepare for Saturday’s field day of painting.

Saturday, June 22-8:30 to 3:30

I expect you would like to start early to avoid the heat of the later afternoon, so please feel free to arrive any time after 8:00.  In addition to your w/c supplies (which you can leave in the studio overnight) you will want to have a water container, camp stool and broad brimmed hat with appropriate dress for working outside.  Also bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a lunch (which we can refrigerate) for a noon break in our day Saturday.  We will improvise small “tables” for you to work on with 5-gal plastic buckets.  I will spend the day giving individual attention and instruction if desired to your plein-aire efforts.

Supply list available.

 For ages teen to adult
call 509-325-3001
for more information.


Preregistration is required for all classes

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Figure Drawing with Jery Haworth

Jery Haworth

Figure Drawing
with Jery Haworth
Improve skills for perspective, proportion and movement of the human form. All levels welcome. One on one instruction provided for each student throughout every class session. A clothed model will be provided for students to draw from.
$60 + $10 model fee
For ages teen to adult
Class starts Thursday, June 27, 1 - 3pm
Visit or call 509-325-3001
for more information.