Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yuletide 2013 Artists

Participating 2013 Yuletide Artists
Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture
2316 W. 1st. Ave
Spokane, WA
November 15-17, 2013
Leslie Ahrens
Ceramic Artist
Booth 18, Gallery C
Don Barron (Forest Gate Woodworks)
Wooden Boxes Artist
Booth 1, Gilkey Room

Pat Boyd
Mixed Media Artist
Booth 20, Gallery C

Karen Ciaffe
Booth 8, American Indian Activity Room

Nan Drye
Fiber Artist
Booth 13, Gallery C

Larry Ellingson
Mixed Media Artist
Booth 6, American Indian Activity Room
Ken Frybarger (Atelier of Glass)
Lampwork Artist
Booth 3, Gilkey Room

Anthony Gallaher (Fired Elements)
Booth 17, Gallery C
Jeff Harris
Booth 5, Gilkey Room

Juaquetta Holcomb (Garden Party Fibers-Handspun Yarn)
Fiber Artist
Booth 16, Gallery C

Kris Howell (Minutia)
Booth 4, Gilkey Room
Kathleen Hubbard
Booth 11, Gallery C
Linda Lowry
Booth 7, American Indian Activity Room

Linda Malcom and Melinda Melvin
Mixed Media Artists
Booth 15, Gallery C
Judy Meddaugh
Pressed Flower Artist
Booth 2, Gilkey Room

Michele Mokrey and Denise Steen
Fiber Artists
Booth 19, Gallery C

Denise Robertson (Little Sistahs Wit Tudes)
Soft Sculpture Artist
Booth 10, Gallery C
Sharon Ronning
Fiber Artist
Booth 12, Gallery C

Bonnie Speigle (Handcrafted Soaps by Bonnie)
Soap Maker
Booth 9, American Indian Activity Room

Ron Vaughan
Wood Carver
Booth 14, Gallery C

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